Will Canada/US ever lift the Vaccination Requirement?


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Jul 8, 2015
Wondering if anyone thinks that they will lift the requirement of vaccination at the border? I guess this goes both ways, US side as well as Canadian side.

The outfitters in Canada are hurting BADLY because of this according to what I have been reading. Tons of people are cancelling hunts.


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
I doubt that this will change anytime in the for-see-able future. I went across for a fishing trip just a few days after Canada reopened the border last August, and for the first few days traffic was stacked up for hours to get through. I talked to the outfitter for the fly-in outpost that we used and he told me that they were already fully booked for the next season (2022), and that was even with the recent Covid neg. test requirement which has finally ended.
We have a group of 12 going to a drive-to resort in Ontario for the fishing opener, and they to are fully booked after two years of not opening. Our biggest concern now is that it is likely to still be frozen lakes as winter is still here with no signs of it going away anytime soon.
Those who won't travel due to the vac requirement will have their spot taken up quickly by others. Same for those who won't fly unless the mask "mandate" is reinstated.
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