What's Wrong With A Muzzle Break?


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Jan 25, 2014
Creston BC Canada
I have a brake on almost every big game rifle I own. I even have one on my 22-250. Its just so neat to keep the crosshairs on the target after you pull the trigger
I like hunting rifles with lower recoil, I can shoot heavier stuff just fine just don't see the need for it. My main hunting cartridges are #1) 270win #2) 25-06rem #3) 7mm0-08rem so I very seldom lose the animal in the scope unless they're really close and then it doesn't really matter. Lower recoil to my way of thinking means more enjoyable range sessions which in turn means more shooting which equates to better shot placement. Muzzle blast and noise make it all a little less enjoyable so I've avoided the need for a brake. I have shot next to and known a number of people who shoot medium to big bore calibers who really should have either had a brake or a smaller caliber. The 338wm has to be one of the worst shot rifles ever simply due to it's excessive recoil (it's often chambered in a lighter composite stocked rifle for elk hunting in the mountains and people buy it with no forewarning of how awful the recoil is likely to be) and most shooters would really benefit from a brake or a really good recoil pad. The absolutely worst recoil I've ever experienced was a Savage chambered in 338wm, it fit me fine but my god that thing kicked. It's no wonder the owner couldn't shoot better than a 2inch group, he was scared of that thing. I still shot it under an inch but three shots was enough for me.


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Feb 4, 2014
Like JimP I also have a brake on my 340 WBY and usually (not always) use it when sighting in, practice etc., but never while hunting. My wife has shot a bunch of animals with my 340 and has never, never, never felt the recoil, nor have I. So I think recoil when hunting is a non-issue. Unless you're shooting prairie dogs, if you're feeling the recoil when shooting at an animal your probably not too focused or excited about killing it. Muzzle breaks are great for the range but unnecessary in the field. Just my 2 cents.


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Jun 4, 2011
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foam ear plugs are cheap and easy to put in your ear before pulling the trigger. especially on a spot and stalk or sitting on a stand.
I use breaks and ear plugs.