Waist Packs

Bruce Mc

New Member
Mar 10, 2011
Edna, Texas
I like using waist packs for day hunts but my old one came apart last year. I'm looking at a new one for this years New Mexico deer hunt. I've been leaning toward either the Crooked Horn Trail Blazer II or the Badlands Monster. Any opinions on either of those or perhaps another make.


New Member
Mar 8, 2011
Eagle Mountain, UT
Check out the eberlestock slingstock and the mystery ranch hot top for kicks. I keep wanting the hot top but just cant pay the $280! It is designed for wildland firefighting and rated to 50 LB loads. I think the slingshot has been discontinued and replaced, but it looked cool at the time. both have shoulder straps whick I prefer on a waist pack. I have owned a few versions of the Monster and it was okay for what it was. I think the older versions were a little better than the current setup. They need better water carrying abilities on the monster. You can load a small bladder on the newer ones though. I always threw an extra water bottle inside the monster for archery hunts in So. Utah heat. Kinda cut down on my capacity though...