UPDATED DATES: Mountain Archery Fest (MAF)


Nov 9, 2011
I just heard from the folks at MAF this morning, and the events are still on in June and July! They are adjusting a couple of the venue dates. Here's the info from them:

I’ve been monitoring our event states very closely by listening to each Governor’s daily briefings, studying their summer reopening plans, speaking weekly with venue managers and feeling out the general climate. I’ve gathered as much info as possible to make an educated decision about MAF’s events this summer.

Upon reviewing all the data, I believe it’s in our best interest to move the ID & NM dates. We’d be moving the Idaho dates to June 19-21st, and New Mexico to July 10-12th. New Mexico will be the wild card this summer as that Governor has pushed to stay in lockdown 2-3 weeks later than the other states. UT & CO will remain the original dates, Utah June 26-28th and Colorado July 17-19th.

We’re currently looking into masks & trial sized hand sanitizer to put into welcoming bags. Also, working with venues to sanitize chair lifts as they come back down. We’ll have sanitizer stations & hand wash stations throughout the event as well.