Unit 771 and 78 advice


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Feb 21, 2021
I am considering 3rd riffle otc for one of these units. I ahve found a little data and stats on them, but im really looking for real world information in them. my stats say that 771 is a little better in terms of elk numbers and success rates for that hunt staticaly. what do you guys think?? i live in NM and would just like to get boots on the ground and have a shot at seeing an elk. plan on lots of scouting and research on whatever unit i go with. Thanks in advance for any advice or help.


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Jul 29, 2013
Haworth Oklahoma
Welcome to the forum. 771 is majority ute land with no access. There is a little usfs in the Burns canyon area and its accessible sw of Pagosa. Elk few and far between. The units u picked (78 for damn sure) will have more people camped and road hunting than unit 51 or 52 in ur home state and that's saying a lot. There are decent elk numbers for third rifle and they will likely be on the ute reservation or in new mexico by then. So that brings us back to the first unit we discussed. Much lower elevation...hint hint. Always depends on the year tho and ive always hesrd elk are where u find em so good luck. If uve never hunted these units during otc rifle u are in for a mind blowing experience and it will revolve around mostly the lone star state Sitka army.
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