The Annual Elk Success Thread!!!! 2023


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Oct 4, 2011
Is your brother in law, Chris Burandt?
No my BIL is Vanceman. Great guy and vegetarian who has helped pack out more things for me than I care to admit.. Best part is he will not give away my spots 😉🤦🏼‍♂️.

Chris is a long time friend of mine and hunting partner we usually chase deer or elk about every year. He was my spotter on that bull and it was his birthday so w the long pack out ended up to be quite the day!! Great guy to be in the hills with but never ever try and follow him on a snow machine… Like ever. 😂

Also TCD (trophy cow down). My dad got his yesterday = public land at 81. He is not a drinker or fair to say he has more marathons under his belt than shots.. It was priceless when the guys got him to do a shot of fireball.. Perfect size to eat well!!

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Jul 8, 2015
Last day of 4th season yesterday. Just a little one but haven't killed an elk in over 10 years.
Found out I'm not in shape to carry one out alone anymore either. Thank God I was able to get a message out to my son from on top of the hill. Was still an all day job.
Way to go!
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