Tagged Out


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
4 days in to this years hunt we found this guy with his bigger brother I missed a shot at so he was the second best.
We did 9 miles hiking the day before that didn’t turn up anything so we decided to go back to one of our spots we’ve killed deer in before. 3 miles in and we had walked right passed these bucks. The ridges are very steep so we are not able to see down the whole hill sides. When we got to our glassing points we were able to look back and see them.
I got set up on a rock and missed the big buck. Wow I was shaking so bad it was like my first hunt as a kid! I haven’t had a tag in 5 years so I guess the buck fever came back in a big way. Lol
They took off and I was able to get a shot into this one.
It was a hard hunt but it’s only getting started. 2 more tags to go.