Swarovksi or Nightforce for my custom 300 Win Mag?


Feb 12, 2013
need some opinions

I had a Winchester model 70 rebarreled with a Benchmark barrel #4 contour (10 twist) chambered in 300 Win Mag, had the magazine box customized for longer seating depth, the trigger is sweet at just under 2lbs, and it shoots well. I'm currently shooting Barnes 168 TTSX, and Nosler 168 E-tips thru it at about 3175fps and consistently getting groups in the .6 to .75 range at 100 yards. I've shot the gun at 300 yards one time and shot a 4 shot 2" group. I'm waiting for my Manners EH3 stock to arrive (it's been 18 weeks so far). Currently I have a 4-16x44 Viper HS for optics.

I like the scope, but I decided to put it on my custom 25-06 that I also just had done, so I need some new optics for the 300.

The entire purpose for building this gun was because I was sick of packing around the Sendero that I have. I like the idea of having a trustworthy turret to dial, but keeping the weight down is more important to me today. I know the Nightforce scopes are hard to beat for long range shooting, but I'm not that hard up on being able to shoot critters at 1,000 yards, so I'm not convinced I want to go that route simply due to the weight of the scope. I'm thinking about going with a Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 with a BRX reticle. I was burned once by my Viper HS in a low light situation on a big muley buck, and I don't want that to happen again.

Give me your thoughts.

Also, is it possible to get the Z5 and have a turret put on it that I can dial (maybe I can have the best of both worlds)? Do you trust the turret on the Swarovski, I've heard that they don't track well.

thanks for any input or advice.


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Jun 7, 2015
Appleton, Wisconsin
I have a 300 RUM with a Rock Creek barrel, carbon fiber wrapped by proof research, defiance rebel action and McMillan edge stock. I went with the Z-5 with custom turrets. Shoots .2 to.3 moa. Swarovski tracks great, plus it weighs half of night force . Nothing against night force , my son totes one on a cooper, he loves his too. Can't really go wrong with either one, mostly a difference in weight.


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Mar 1, 2011
I'd go with the 4W reticle and ballistic turret if you go Swaro. I bought 2 Swaros set up like that, having an issue with the 5-25x52 not showing a clear image past 18x but the 3.5-18x44 is perfect. 5-25x is going in to Swaro, I'm sure they will take care of it. I also moved my Viper 4-16x to my coyote gun for extra low light capability on my main hunting rifle.