Son’s birthday present

Muley bound

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Mar 12, 2013
Today is my second oldest son’s birthday, he’s 9. I gave him a Leupold VX3HD 4.5x14 to put on top of his Kimber 6.5. I was debating between that and the ol’ classic 3.5x10. I decided to go with the 4.5x14 because of the side focus. I’ve never had that option while growing up, but ever since I bought a scope with it, I love it. My shooting eye is screwed up (long story, injuries) and has a hard time focusing. Over the years of looking through scopes, I always couldn’t get a clear focus until I had the option on a scope. So I figured why not pay the extra money and give him that option as well. Hopefully he enjoys it, time to start shooting it!!!


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Aug 17, 2023
That's one impressive gift you've given him – the Leupold VX3HD 4.5x14 sounds like a top-notch choice for his Kimber 6.5. The side focus feature is a game-changer, right? It's all about making those shots crisp and clear, especially if your shooting eye has its quirks. I totally get the struggle – injuries can be a real hurdle. But hey, you're passing on not just a scope but a tool that could make a world of difference in his shooting experience. Kudos to you for thinking ahead and making his day special! Time to hit the range and create some memorable moments together. And speaking of memorable, if you're ever looking for a fun twist on gift-giving, you might want to check out – just a friendly suggestion for the future.
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