So...What are your plans for 2021?


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Dec 26, 2015
Gonna cash in my CO antelope points, try for a CO deer tag, and hunt turkey and deer in IN. PTS for everything else, and not sure what my backup plan is yet.
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Oct 15, 2011
Casper Wy
Wyoming elk and deer hope to draw a buck antelope tag... Colorado mule deer rifle tag either 2nd or 3rd season sum where... Ill take any suggestions on a unit for a nonresident with 9 points...:)
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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
Thinking about Wy antelope and deer. Also a Caribou hunt in Ak. Plus who knows what we will draw in Nv so it could be a very busy year.
We also will be going to Mexico and Florida on family trips.
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Travis Horner

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Feb 28, 2020
Powell, WY
Oh man! Time to start planning 2021 already... I have a feeling this might be one of my busiest seasons to date, but I'm down for as much adventure as can be stuffed into a backcountry pack. First step - Anoint my youngest son as a teenager, get him into the Wyoming Hunter education program and hit the range with all three of my teens. 2020 was an indication of the need for range time! I've been working up the courage to float the Yellowstone and the Missouri in Montana to get into some land locked public access. I've been wanting to for so long now. Sounds like a fishing / Scouting trip in the works! We'll also throw our names in the hat for elk, deer, and antelope in Wyoming. Maybe I can follow one of these guys around this year on a bear hunt. I want to learn how to get into bow range on a beautiful blonde. Its going to be a year of lessons and tests for sure...
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Jul 18, 2017
Hoping for a region G deer tag & some possible miracle draws! I've decided to enter the outfitter draw for NV deer with my 20 points. I sure would love to finally draw that.
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Apr 18, 2020
To make sure 2021 gos a whole lot better, if all gos as planned all my Wyoming stuff, Colorado 3rd season deer and late coues in Arizona!! So here’s to 2021 🤞 and good luck to you all !!!👊
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Sep 8, 2016
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Possible wolf hunt in Ontario if the border opens by February, not likely.
Fishing trip to Catalina Island in California this March for my grandsons 2nd birthday as his other grandparents live there and we agreed to go every other year for him.
Africa in April provided travel still allowed.
Taking my older grandson to Texas in January for his first deer hunt. Likely does but a buck possible with the season open 2 days while we there.
Other than that it's whatever the Colorado draw provides me.
Haven't decided if I'll try to cash in my Wyoming antelope or deer points
So everything above has been canceled at this point. January in Texas i has to cancel as I had the virus. March is canceled in California and Africa postponed for 2 years all due to covid.

So, planning to take the family bowfishing in May for a day, going to Texas in late April alone for a free range axis deer hunt. Going to corpus christi in June for red fish with my daughter and grandson for a few days. Rescheduled Texas deer for my grandson in December.
See how everything plays out this time


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Feb 14, 2021
I'll apply for my normal stuff in WY. I have a good friend who will probably draw an elk tag in WY, and he'll need my help. []( [](
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