Sleeping Bag Weight


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Aug 27, 2015
New York
Good Morning All,

I am looking to upgrade my sleep system as my bag is junk. I was looking at the mountain hardwear lamina -15 bag, but the more I read the more I don't know if this is over kill. I plan on hunting with it into November in the mountains so I know the temps can drop and I am a cold sleeper. My body cools down during the night and I like that extra bit of warmth. The catch 22 is I also hate being hot. The bag weighs in at 4 lbs 9 oz so I am not sure if everyone thinks this is to much weight and if I should go with a more traditions bag rated for +15+20. Any recommendations are welcome and advise is always appreciated. I added the link below incase people wanted to reference. Thanks all.



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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
BK; It all depends on the type of hunting that you do. My REI Kilo Sub 0 has served me well through the years. A down bag will be the lightest and warmest for the weight as long as you keep it dry. If you have an REI store near you, you can actually "try out" the different bags, and you may find something that works better for your body size. With a good insulated pad and some insulated clothing (if necessary), I think you can do fine with a 0 degree bag. For backpacking, a down bag also compresses a whole lot better than synthetic.


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Most people will start to get cold in a bag about 10-20 degrees above the listed temperature for the bag. A down bag is usually much lighter, and the higher the # on the down, like 650 or 800, the lighter the bag will be for a given temperature. With the treatments they have today to help keep down dry, a down bag is a great choice for most situations.

An insulated sleeping pad also makes a big difference, as does wearing a base layer and head cover to bed. I would get a 3-4 oz inflatable pillow too.


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Oct 13, 2015
I have a Cabelas xpg backpacker bag that I like a lot. It has synthetic insulation so moisture doesn't affect its insulating value, and it will compress well. Down is usually more compressible and warmer, but it has to stay dry. As was stated tho, REI is a great place to go. Learn what the different types of insulation gives you and make a decision.