September Snows


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
I posted a review of my new KUIU 2P tent that I used on a backpack hunt into the Wyoming range on the deer opener. I won't redo the review, but was completely satisfied with the tent for the conditions that we were confronted with. This is my third time into this spot, and was more worried about the tough hike and blisters than I was on cold feet. My partners 440 gram Kenetrek boots were perfect for him, and I had cold feet in my uninsulated Mendel Perfect Hikers. This trip, it was 30 degrees colder than my previous trips.IMG_1807.jpg We ended up being sequestered in our tent for the first three days (Sept. 15-18), and when the snow and fog finally lifted, my hunting partner Brad shot his first mule deer, a decent 4x4. When I go on guided hunts for elk, I can bring two pairs of boots, but that is not an option for a backpack hunt. It's getting tougher to do all the time, but I sure do love it so.


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Mar 20, 2013
We had a little snow during our September bow hunt. It was nice to see and the Elk lit up for a few days then the temps got up into the 80s!! That was a downer then everything went silent......................:(

You realize there are few more bears around than you think when you can see the tracks in the snow!!