SE Montana antelope and/or mule deer


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Mar 22, 2019
I?m an active duty Montana resident who just got in to hunting a few years back, after I left montana. Been hunting white tails in the southeast. Looking to hunt southeast montana this fall for mule deer and/or antelope. Hoping to draw a 700-20 antelope permit. If not, just mule deer with a general deer tag. I?ve been looking at maps and I?m considering the Broadus area or Baker (Fallon County) area. Not concerned about huge trophies, but not looking for forkies either. Anyone have any experience on some of the drainage areas around there on public land? Appears to be a ton of BLM land to hunt, with quite a few having some water run across it. My first time hunting out west. Appreciate your thoughts in advance. Looking forward to hunt Montana more.