Savage 110 Tactical 6.5 Creedmore I bought for my son and his first antelope hunt.

Kevin W

Jan 26, 2013
My brother and I are taking our youngest sons (15 and 16) out to Wyoming this fall for their first antelope hunt (they have a 3.5 point average). The unit has been picked and applications submitted (barring a 2 point jump in points they should draw). For this occasion we also decided new rifles for the boys would be in order as well. Planning and preparation in full swing we found the rifles we wanted. Savage 110 Tactical Desert in 6.5 creed-more. Pricing this rifle we found our local Fleet Farm had them for $679.99 regular price. My oldest son just happens to work at Fleet Farm and let me know a couple weeks ago that Savage was on sale for $579.99 Then we found out a friends and family 15% off night was coming so my brother and I decided to get the rifles there then. Well that day was today so we went and got what I think is a a heck of a deal. $579.99 less 15% ($87.00) made the rifle $492.99 plus tax ($34.51) for $527.50 Once rang up a Savage Rebate offer printed up for an additional 10% off purchase price from Savage. Took the rifle home went on line filled out the form on line snapped a couple of pics (reciept, upc code, rifle box label) to attach, enter and bam!!! a $49.30 check coming my way. Final rifle price $478.20
The features of the Savage 110 Tactical having an accu stock and accu trigger along with the 6.5 creed-more made the decision an easy one for me to get this rifle for my son and my brother one for his son.
Now more research on a scope (Vortex which one I am not sure yet) and which rings, bi pod and muzzle break are next.
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Micah S

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Jan 11, 2016
Sandy Oregon
That savage should be a good shooter.

The only vortex scopes I like are the razor series but the weight a lot. I'd look at the leupold mark4 or the new Burris xtr 3.

Bi pods Harris and atlas are both great tripods.

Rings I like Seekins Nightforce and Burris.

Muzzle brakes look at APA and Area 419.


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Mar 9, 2014
Nice work on the gun prices.
I don't know that I'd worry about a muzzle break on 6.5 unless the boys are extremely recoil shy.
It would add unnecessary noise in a very low recoil gun in my opinion.

Kevin W

Jan 26, 2013
Short update on the Savage 110 tacticals in 6.5 creed more, both are tack drivers. 27758
Here's my son's 200 yard 3 shot group. The boys are not fans of shooting paper and prefer to shoot 1 gallon milk jugs filled with water. We also have a 12 x 10 inch steel railroad plate (Painted white) they shoot as well. With the crops in the longest set up we can get right now is right at 330 yards. Both boys are busting the 1 gallon jugs at 330 yards on a regular basis. They are also hitting the steel plate at 330 yards as well. While we can't hear the steel ring at that yardage the 6.5 round really makes the plate rock, easily identifying the hits.