Question About Hunting in Africa


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
A lot of new converts to hunting Africa only bring back euro mounts and perhaps one cape for a shoulder mount which cuts the price way down.

On my African hunt I brought home 5 trophies for shoulder mounts and had one euro done there. My hunt cost $7000 and by the time I was done I was into the whole hunt near $22,000 with $1800 of that being airfare. But this also included all tips and 8 days of touring.

They say Africa is cheaper than hunting anywhere else but the dollars add up after you pull the trigger.


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May 4, 2011
Thanks for all the responses about hunting in Africa!

We went on a photo safari to Tanzania last April. Maybe I'll go back some day to hunt. I posted a video of the trip on another thread, but here it is again:

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