Quebec Caribou updates

Yell Co AR Hunter

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Dec 10, 2015
Yell County Arkansas
I wonder about the current out look for hunting caribou. The last information I saw did not have a good outlook. This was a trip I very much wanted to take back in the late 80's early 90's. I had all the money saved and was ready to book the trip. Had a medical emergency (or thought it was) and did not book the trip. I kick myself for backing out. I could have left from Little Rock, AR everything included for around $2,500.00. This included air fair and 1x2 guide with two tags and fishing. Anyway just looking for any updates.

Tim Hughes

Jan 31, 2012
Sonoma County
We hunted Quebec this year with Jack Hume Advenures. It was awesome and we all had ohr animals by the third day of our hunt. This was the last year for caribou in Quebec. Very sad!057.jpg


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Feb 21, 2011
My dad and I went in 2004, and it was one of the most amazing places I've been. It's not the most challenging hunt, but when you figure in the solitude, fishing, shed and ptarmigan hunting, other wildlife and scenery, it's worth the price tag.

Dark Mavis

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Mar 6, 2015
Vernon Parish, LA
Yep. I wish I would have spent the coin 10 years ago to go hunt caribou fully guided when it was fairly cheap. Now its looking like DIY Alaska will be the only way to not spend a small fortune to hunt them. With every other flatlander thinking the same thing though, even that option will start getting more difficult in the upcoming years. Most of the transporters that I have been researching are already booked up 2 - 3 years in advance. It's just mind boggling to see how much demand there is for those services.


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Feb 23, 2013
When we went to Newfoundland, my uncle paid $1000 add on to hunt caribou.
I was web surfing recently and they are getting $12,000 for just caribou....

I did 5 DIY Alaska bou hunts. $2500-3500 door to door

I feel so sorry for the next generations. My nephews will never be able to do 1/8 of the adventures I have had. Sad
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