Pack suggestions for horseback hunts ?


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Jul 4, 2017
New Hampshire
Last year I grabbed a Tenzig TZ17 with the wire frame. The pack was OK, not great. It was noisy in the cold and was just set up wrong for lashing o the back of my saddle. Do you guys have any favorite day type packs for horseback hunts ? Perhaps a waist pack suggestion. This pack will carry my spotter and tripod as a rule.


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
When I took a horseback hunting trip up in British Colombia for bear my guide just wore his pack when he was on the horse. It was a large internal frame type of pack that would of been too large to either lash to the back of the saddle or even hang from the saddle horn.

I had a Badlands day pack that has a coated wire loop at the top of it that I could just attach to the saddle horn with no problems for either me or the horse other than having a few extra pounds on one side of the saddle.