Outfitter Recommendation Plz

Rich M

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Oct 16, 2012
So, after some talking with the guys, these three 50-60-somethings have decided to stop waiting and just go outfitter-style for 2023.

Anyone got any recommendations for antelope outfitters? Or maybe trespass hunt?

In WY we have 3-3-2 points, no points elsewhere. Open to buying another point this year if it makes a significant diff.
Open to MT, AZ, NM as well.

- 3 older guys - 1 has bad knees
- Rifle Hunt
- Private land
- Budget is $3K-ish / each
- Ok with 3/1 with guide, able to do this without guide, or partially guided, or whatever
- Looking for "typical" antelope - this is bucket list trip and we just wanna have some fun and be able to move on to the next adventure