Nikon RifleHunter 550 Rangefinder


New Member
Mar 14, 2023
This Nikon RifleHunter 550 Rangefinder is a great unit that works perfectly. I need one that reaches out further, otherwise I wouldn't be selling. Protective neoprene case included. No damage of any kind.

Nikon RifleHunter 550 Laser Rangefinders give hunters the confidence to make long-range shots - especially in difficult situations such as shooting up a mountainside or down into a canyon. The Nikon 550 Laser Range Finder combines Nikon Sport Optics 's trademark speed, accuracy and simplicity with Tru-target technology. Nikon's advanced ID Technology compensates for various incline or decline shooting angles providing the estimated distance that the bullet will actually travel. The hunter simply aims the rangefinder, pushes the button and plans the shot according to the displayed distance. The Nikon Rifle Hunter 550 displays distances in 1/5-yard increments under 100 yards when in ID mode and 1/2-yard increments under 100 yards in standard mode, beyond that the Nikon 550 Range Finder displays in one-yard increments. When you're on the hunt, it's critical to get the first shot off quick, clean, and easy. This Nikon Laser Rangefinder provides the information you need to get the job done, clean and efficiently.