New Meindl Boots


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
Well, after 3 1/2 years and who knows how many miles across rocks, logs, hills, valleys, and who know what else I decided to replace a pair of my Meindl boots.

Last July Mustang06 had a post about Menidl USA and I bookmarked it. Since Cabela's/Bass Pro got rid of the brand this is now my go to store for the Meindl brand. I signed up for their emails and a couple of months ago I got a email that the containers had showed up and that the boots that were on back order were now back in stock. The problems of a small business trying to get going I guess.

So I pulled up the web site on the day before Christmas and clicked on a familiar pair of their boots, The Comfort Fit Light Hiker. This was the same boot that I had purchased back in 2015 from Cabela's and I knew how well I liked them so I hit the order button.

The communication from Meindl USA was what you would expect from store doing business online. I received my conformation email and then the shipping one. The expected delivery date was December 30 but after checking on where they were coming from I figured that they would get here a little bit earlier. After signing up for the notification on the shipment with the good old USPS I waited. Well this morning I got a text saying that they were in a locker down at the post office. Good going.

These boots are a exact duplicate of my old ones except for no Cabela's brand on them along with actually have a sole that wasn't worn down. On the web site they mentioned that their sizing ran large and to order the next size down. Since I already had a pair I ordered the same size and they fit just like a glove. Now this is the usual size that I get with boots so I'm not sure if they are a little large or not. Walking around the house for a while told me that they were going to be fine. So now to break them in good and get ready for my javelina hunt down in Arizona in February.