Nevada Bulls


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
I was lucky to able to go on 2 Nv muzzle loader bull hunts.

We all camped together and hunted together for the first 4 days then we started to split up to cover more ground to find more opportunities.
Brooke drew this as her first big game tag so she wasn’t holding out for a huge bull but was looking for a fun hunt with her dad and one of her best friends. We found her bull not far from camp in the flats so it turned out to be a great experience for her and she is hooked!

The second is Garrets first bull tag but has killed a few 180“ bucks and has been hunting for awhile so he was holding out for a big bull.
After we killed Brookes bull I had to leave to get back to work. The rest of the crew moved camp about 20 miles south to work some new country. They found this bull low and in the foothills. This was very surprising to all of us since that country I know very well since I’ve killed 2 bulls there and a 4K elevation climb is the norm to get to the bulls.
‘Garret made a great shot on this bull and was extremely happy with the 365” bull he took home.45057450584505945060