Mystery Ranch, Metcalf? others?


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Nov 29, 2011
I need a pack for this MT mtn goat hunt this fall...

kinda like the mystery ranch metcalf but all my research has been online.... not a lot of places to try these on around here...

this pack is a 71 liter / size...

only exterior pockets for spotting scope I really see are the top lid cover/2 pouches?

lmk if you have any experience with this pack or similar....and any suggestions?

I'd love to find a lightweight pack with plenty of storage affordable price... but I may be asking for a unicorn?

may be using this for 3-7 days backpacking/hunting,



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Feb 3, 2014
So I have used a Metcalf, A LOT. It is a solid pack, you won't be disappointed if the MR style of belt fits you well.

Another option you might consider is the tall F1 Mainframe and Vapor series from Eberlestock. On mine I did swap out the belt from the mainframe with the Battleship belt I have. It worked better for my build.

And FYI, I have pics of hauling from both of these platforms. All performed really well!
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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
I really like my ES Vapor with the M1 as well. I ran Stone Glacier for the last 8 years and it worked well for me but I really like the feel of the M1 frame.
The EB Vapor series are light weight, affordable and I like how they are a bit narrow and tall vs wide and short. The main bag is very open and large enough for a goat that’s boned out but you could pack a whole goat if you need to do that too. The bag has a couple internal pockets I keep my kill kit and med kit. External pockets work well for me for my 60mm spotter and tripod on the other side. There is another external pocket with a zipper that is very stretchy that you can use for easy access for items like snacks.

On the goat hunt I was on opened my eyes to how dense Mt Goats are. They are small but heavy. Their leg bones are very big and also heavy so I would consider deboning. You will have one seriously heavy pack it you don’t. Just my opinion

Good luck on your hunt and pack search. I believe there are some reviews on the Metcalf on Eastmans YouTube
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