Montana Bison Hunt


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Apr 7, 2011
I just saw that around 250 bison were killed in this year's hunt, but only 37 were from state license issued tags. The rest were all taken by Native American tribes. I understand there are treaties from 1855, etc. and I'm all for respecting those agreements and letting the tribes participate in the hunt, but it sure seems unfair that the general public gets such a small percentage of such highly prized tags... just my thoughts.


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Nov 29, 2011
There just aren't many wild free ranging bison tags out there, but there are tons of ranch hunts for bison, many of which might be more "wild" than some of these "free ranging wild bison hunts"

I was always under the impression that MT didn't issue many bison tags, not that WY, AZ, or UT does, simply put, apply for every state if you truly want a wild bison tag.

in some ways I think finding the right ranch and booking a bison hunt is the way to go if you want a true bison hunt.