Missouri Spring Turkey Success


Jun 22, 2015
SW Missouri
Little late posting this up but got my heaviest ever turkey opening morning at 7am on public land. This eastern weighed 24 lbs 3 oz. Toted him around for another 4 hours while we tried to get one for my buddy. Worked two other toms and came close but no dice. Got my second public land gobbler of the year the following week. I was set up on a field and he gobbled on the roost for a while before coming out into the field. He strutted for about 10 minutes before he finally came into range and stuck his head up. I love to watch them strut! 20 lbs with 1" spurs and a 10" beard. I've gotten two adult gobblers the same year many times on private land but this is the first year I've done it on public land. Couldn't be happier!



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Mar 18, 2011
Peachtree City, GA.
I miss hunting public land MO birds. Had some great times when I lived there. Killed my first two public land turkeys from MO off Reform the first year i lived there.