MagnetoSpeed Sport Chrono

I'm looking to purchase my first chronograph and have been giving the Sport model a look at $179. From the videos and reviews that I've seen so far, they seem like a straight forward, accurate and convenient unit to set up and use, even in shit weather. Does anyone here have any experience with them, or anything positive/negative to comment? The V3 model has a bunch of whistles and bells, but not sure it would be worth twice the price at $360


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Nov 1, 2012
NE ohio
I have one also . I really don't see why anyone would need anything else unless you were shooting f-class or at another high level. 👍👍


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Feb 22, 2011
I’ve been using one for a couple years now. They are a great tool and a great piece of equipment to have vs a standard chrony, IMHO. It is often quite windy here in Eastern CO and I like the fact I can still complete crucial load development while dealing with windy conditions.

A couple cons: they will slide forward depending on barrel taper, cannot use while doing accuracy testing because of POI changes, and cannot be used on an AR style rifle. Other then those issues, nothing but positive results from mine.
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Apr 25, 2016
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Been awhile since I've been actively posting; just busy with stuff; thankfully we're getting through it and I can't complain.

I'll say this much: my good friend, who is retired, had one of these and he recently moved back to CO from here, so I don't get to hang with him as much; not only that, I miss his magneto!

I have a basic model 'shooting chrony', which uses the older, optical technology. It was a huge deal when they came down in price and I was able to get one; real game changer for my reloading and riflery. However, it truly is a PIA. lol

It is very finicky to ambient light messing with the sensors (the diffusers are great fun) and needs to be aligned 'just right' for bullet overflight, and leveled to get correct, consistent readings. You need to have it out in front enough of the rifle that the muzzle blast doesn't mess with it either.

At your own range, or a day that you are the only one at the public or club range, its not a huge deal, other than the OCD headache of futzing with it, but who wants to be that guy OCD'ing and tweaking the chrono on a tripod every time the range goes cold and hold the other folks up?

As stated in other posts, since these optical units are away and separate from the gun, you will not have a POI effect or other mechanical issue adding something unnatural to your shooting. That is the only plus.

But, if you are fine with working up loads by doing the velocity measurements separately from the seating depth tests or whatever else, the magneto is 100% the way to go, IMHO. Its so much easier and forgiving to setup. I will also add, that the measurements between the magneto and the shooting chrony nearly always agreed within a few fps, on days when we used both; that was kinda cool to see, with 2 completely, independent sensors.

I will do a plug for the shooting chrony folks for excellent tech support and customer service. They have been good to deal with. I just think that for the average guy, the magneto's newer technology is probably a better setup that gets you what need with less hassle. In fact, I hope one shows up for Father's Day or my birthday sometime in the future.
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Apologies for starting a thread, and then, not following up. Hunting seasons got in the way. And on top of that, I was unaware that the site had logged me out, so I wasn't getting notifications.

I finally pulled the trigger and went for the MS V3. Go big or go home, right? It arrived yesterday, so won't get an opportunity to try it out till after the holidays. Really looking forward to it, though.

That's, all, for the replies.