Leupold Deltapoint vs. EOTech reflex sights


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Mar 10, 2011
What weapon platform are you looking at for their use?
I personally have used EOTECH, AIMPOINT, and TRIJICON devices. I dislike all three for various reasons. One is the battery operated devices are useless when the batteries are dead. If it can happen, it will happen and will happen when you least want it to happen.
The Trijicon made up for this using tritium and fiberoptic light incorporated in a light magnification. In CQB magnification is a hinderance.

There is a nice option for AR type weapons though. MARK 4 CQ/T RIFLESCOPES

They offer both no magnification, and light magnification for longer shots. Reticles are etched, so when the battery is dead, they still work. They are also perfectly in line with iron sights, as far as perfect goes, on the S&W M&P series weapons they are.
They are nearly bullet proof too.

If your concerned about fast target acquisition due to the unique design, put it on 1 magnification, mount it up on a trial stock at your local optics dealer and come to ready with it several times. Its just as fast as a halo style optic platform.
Want to see a target 100 yards out to verify friendly? Use the fast twist magnifier. And if your using NV systems, they are compatible with them too.

Now for the sake of covering my bases, if your asking about the above optic platforms for handguns, then nevermind. LOL