Kids first bowhunt

Muley bound

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Mar 12, 2013
So my son was ready for his first bow hunt. He’s been shooting a bow since he was 5. I’ll admit, for being 10, he’s a pretty darn good shot. Last winter he was stalking and killing rabbits with his bow. So I told him, he was ready for deer.
So this evening, we sat out in the ground blind behind the house, set up over a very small food plot. Been getting deer regularly half hour before dark. 1st deer comes in, he lifts his bow and the broadhead rings on the blind. Deer knew something was up. Turned, he drew back but the deer walked away. No biggie.
5 minutes later another doe comes in. He drew back, waited for her to turn and let it rip! Well….the arrow just knicked one of the blind rods!!!! Sent the arrow sailing 5 feet over the deers back! A little bummed, but he did everything right and showed great composure drawing and waiting on the deer. He’s still jacked, I think my heart was pounding harder than his. He’s hooked and can’t wait to try again. That had always been a fear of mine hunting out of a ground blind. We’ll get back on em though.