Idaho Elk Area 50-1


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Sep 3, 2021
Hello all,
I am an out-of-state hunter (sorry) that drew Controlled Hunt 2032, Pioneer Zone, Area 50-1. I have never been to the zone, but have been hunting Salmon 36B for a few years. I am planning a late-October hunt with my dad, cousin, and uncle. I am the only one with a tag and am looking for any information on Area 50-1 I could get! My uncle and cousin have hunted the area but would like to research it myself as much as I can. I have contacted the biologist but am not able to make it out to Idaho for a scouting trip, so it’s all e-scouting for me. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,


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Apr 23, 2016
right on ! congrats on drawing the tag!
been a long time since I've been over there , so don't have much to offer other then it should be a fun trip.

nothing to be sorry about so longs you obey our laws and respect our lands. hope you have a grand adventure.
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