Hunting Montana 2022 and looking forward to 2023

Montana Man

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Nov 29, 2020
Another year is in the books. As always, the weather makes a major impact. We had wind, snow, and cold to put up with, but our hunters were eager and ready to get it done. They took off some nice bucks and left some to keep the genetics going for next year. We didn’t have any antelope hunters this year and usually they take off early, but they are still around even now. Archery season for deer, elk, or antelope still have openings. Rifle has spots open, but they fill up fast, and as always if you bring a doe tag with you those are free, and if you fill early coyotes/varmints are free for the rest of your time. If you are interested, I have some pictures of what is still around, and you can always call to see what weeks are available. I hope you had a great hunting season, and that next year is even better.