Hey guys !!


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Jun 16, 2020
Just wanted to let you guys here know a little bit more about myself.
I was in the USAF 7 years
I moved out to Las Vegas from Ohio about 7 years ago, I did a lot of whitetail hunting back east, all seasons! Tags was over the counters and lots of them. I lost count on how many bucks and doe's I killed back east, Ohio and West Virginia!
I have killed 2 Bull Elks 5x5 and 5x4 both on public land in Oregon and a couple of Cows in Colorado public lands. Also hunted bow in Idaho, missed a nice 5x5 Elk on another DIY hunt on public land. I finally got drawled this year in NV Mule deer Buck in Unit111-113 Oct 5-20!! We will see how this plays out!
I am always will to help out another hunter. I don't have any sons to take hunting, but back east I help my friends out on there youth deer hunts when they could only take one son out at a time I would take the other one out with me, or I would just go and help in anyway I can, while there young and help head them in the right direction !
I'm married, 58 years old love the outdoors!!