Dual purpose, lightweight hunting+trail running pack options?

I am looking for a lightweight, hydration bladder ready pack that I can use for fast day hunts but also trail running.

I have Nathan running packs and an Eberlestock X1 hunting pack, but need something like a hybrid of the two. I'm wondering if one of Eberlestock's Mini-Me packs might work for me, with the add-on rifle scabbard when hunting (I love that feature on my X1) and with the scabbard removed while training/running.

I'd love to hear about experiences with the Mini-Me or similar, lightweight hydration packs. I'm particularly interested in how well the full bladder "rides" when one's running and how well ventilated your back is or isn't, as I tend to get hot if I don't have a pack that's very well ventilated across my back.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!