Down Fill level? 650 vs 800

Doe Nob

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Feb 21, 2011
Houston, TX
I bought a Mountain hardware packable puffy jacket for mountain hunting this fall, it was a great deal (under $100).

It was real cold in the mornings where we were camped for our scouting trip a couple weeks ago at 11,000 feet and its going to be even colder in September.
Snow is unlikely, but if there's any precip at all overnight or in the morning it will be snow.

Trying to plan for the worst and I'm noticing now the fill on this one is 650 fill and a lot of other alternatives have 800 fill.

How much of a difference is there between 650 fill and 800 fill? :confused:


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Oct 14, 2015
Colorado Springs
I think some of that would have to depend on what the fill is. But I think a rating of over 750 is considered excellent if I am not mistaken. And 650 would be considered very good. I do not know a ton about this stuff but that is what I was told by someone (at REI I think), from what I can remember.


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Mar 2, 2013
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I am not an expert but the higher the number the more insulation value you will get when comparing weight to weight. Or you look at it as you can get the same insulation value for less weight in a 800 fill vs 650 fill.


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
I have a 650 fill cheapie vest that I bought from Sportsmens Guide. It is warm as all get out, but is too bulky to wear under my Sitka jacket, and tends to shed feathers all the time. The 850 vest is an expensive KUIU. I was disappointed when I first got it because it was so light and thin, but once I used it I felt it was worth every penny. It is super thin and light, but is every bit as warm as the much bulkier 650 vest.


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800 is way warmer than 650 and so lightweight you wonder if there's anything in there. I saw a picture of a birthday balloon holding up a 900 fill down jacket in the air by a string

I have an 800 fill down jacket and a 900 fill sleeping bag and they are FANTASTIC! Definitely go with the 800. You won't regret it.

My 800 down jacket is so warm that when I am hiking in 20 degree weather I have to unzip it or take it off
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Nov 16, 2012
I too had a MH 650 jacket. It didn't fit under anything and I looked like the Michelin Man with my rain coat on over it. I now have a Arcterex thorium. It is 750 fill, and has synthetic insulation in the shoulders and the collar where it can get wet easier. It fits nicely under a Sitka Jetstream Light, and compresses down to nothing.

B&C Blacktails

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Mar 1, 2015
I have a cheap Costco Kirkland down fill vest $39.99 and it goes everywhere with me. Plenty warm for 10000+ feet in Utah last year in October. Higher the number the lighter jacket to weight ratio is.

If I am hiking I wear my primoloft jacket. When primoloft gets wet at least you still have some insulation value. Once down is wet its all over. If it's cold enough I put on my vest right against my base layer and then layer over with the rest, while I am glassing.