DIY spring bear hunt recommendations ?


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Apr 17, 2015
I am kicking around the idea of a spot n stalk bear hunt this spring? All my research so far has me looking at NW Montana but I am very open to suggestions. Do any of you greats out there have any first hand knowledge or other thoughts on western spring bear? Thanks


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Jul 8, 2015
A buddy of mine went to Idaho a few years ago and had a real good hunt. They didn't kill any bears but they should have killed several. His hunting partners were less than adequate from the sounds of things.

If I recall the tags were OTC and they went pretty early and the only bears that were out were very low in elevation. There was still a lot of snow up high.

I dont have any more info than that but it should get you started.


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Apr 23, 2016
lots of choices on where to go. if you watch the two bear in five minutes video below ,I would say that is a pretty good place to go.

maybe check out tag hub, for some ideas .

bears around here (sw idaho) are generally low . I don't for the most part much bother going above the snow line. not saying they won't be there ,just more likely to be where their food sources are more plentiful.

I generally like to focus my glassing MOSTLY (not always) on south facing, fairly open slopes with green grass . bears like that grass to get their stomachs working again after the big sleep.
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Jun 28, 2015
Southern Indiana
I've been to NW MT twice for spring bear. Never really timed it right for the areas I hunted though. Saw lots of sign each time, there were bears around for certain. Saw one nice blackie the first trip but no shot, 3 griz the second trip and no blacks.

I hunted CA back in 2016, during the fall. Same deal, lots of sign but no sightings.

I had a CO tag in my pocket a couple years ago, and did see a nice bear the night before my season opened. I was primarily deer hunting though, and killed a deer fairly quickly then left to try and fill another deer tag in Kansas.

I hunted SE AK a little while back, and there really is no comparison between there and anywhere in the lower 48 I've been. I got a bear fairly easily there and have eaten every other bear tag I've held. The downside with SE AK is that most DIY friendly areas are on a draw, and you've got to plan the trip at least a couple years out.

I would certainly go back to NW MT for a spur of the moment spring hunt. I'm also interested in Idaho and Oregon, but I don't think it makes a lot of sense to drive through MT to get there.

One of these years when the draws aren't good to me, I'm definitely going to hit Colorado in early September with a couple bear tags.
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Mar 9, 2014
Dont rule out hunting black bear in the Carolinas. Based on the sheer numbers this is where the majority of the bears are in the continental US