CZ Looking At Buying Colt


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Jul 8, 2015

My friend has a CZ .22 rifle. He likes it and likes the company because at the time they were making a lot of left handed models. Not sure if they still do or not. Than .22 is a dang tack driver with about any ammunition you put through it.


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Mar 9, 2014
There have been a lot of companies purchasing others in the outdoor industry lately. Like any business ,those things happen.
However, I think it reduces competition and possibly quality when you no longer need to be 'better' than your competition.
Also, its brands like Colt, Remington, and even Budweiser that sell out that ruin it for me.
Who doesn't think about those 8 Clydesdale pulling a wagon in the snow at Christmas or during the Superbowl and get a little sad after the USA company sold out to a Belgium company....

That said, I still don't fully understand the ammo shortage. I realize folks are buying it up, but when shipments coming into major retailers is almost a joke because they are so small, it makes one wonder, if it's being made, where is it going....? If I had that kind of demand, I'd hire a 3 shift crew to produce and $ell.
I know there are videos posted, some on here, trying to explain what's going on, but I still wonder if it all makes sense.... Not everything is directly effected by the foreign virus. Sure there are some indirect effects, but " come'on man "

Sorry for the rant.
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