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May 25, 2022
"Circled Back" to shore up more basic obedience last week and we are extending sit and stay on place... he's very steady but still a puppy and obedience is key to creating rock solid retriever.
I was looking at getting the Complete Gun Dog Academy training course from Cornerstone. Would you recommend the training courses from Cornerstone? I was going to train my puppy to 6-7 months old then send him to a trainer for 3-4 months. I’ve watched some of their free videos and liked their content. I wanted to get a second opinion from someone who did the whole course. Any advice/insight on your experience with their course would be appreciated.


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Sep 17, 2021
Hello, mate. How's your pup? It's been a while since your last appearance here. I wish you had kept us more updated on your pup's cute news. I'd also like to hear the review on the training program you've chosen. I have a friend working at, so he advised me on the same program. Tbh, I'm still hesitating. That's why I'd like to hear some advice and review from you. That would help me a lot. Thanks in advance, man. Wish you all the best. Please, keep us updated!
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