company of water leakage


Jul 12, 2019
Water leakage The problem of water leakage in buildings is one of the problems that many people face and that result in many damages, through which large quantities of water are wasted, which affects the economic owners of buildings. [1] It also increases the amount of moisture in the walls and ceilings, Damage to the construction and damage of furniture touches and close to it, works on the appearance of fungus and mold in the house, which leads to corrosion of steel rails that are the basis of construction in any house and weaken its structure. [2] Detector leakage can avoid the problem of moisture and mold walls and other problems Which result from leakage Uh, by using a water leak detector. [3] There are many different devices that reveal water leakage, which differ in the way they work, and one of the best devices used is an electronic device capable of detecting places of water leakage through oscillations, where Water pressure in potentially problematic pipes and nearby pipes, where the leakage and cracks in the pipes are known by the device that emits a whistle in this place. [4] Moisture Humidity is known to occur in the case of large amounts of vapor in the air, The amount of vapor carried by air increased Moisture has a significant negative impact on buildings, it damages furniture and paint walls, leads to impotence, has caused many health problems for human, increasing the amount of moisture in the walls in the case of leakage of water from the pipes that are created during construction In the walls. [6] Moisture to the walls can be eliminated by isolating the walls internally, or by using polystyrene sheets adhered to the plaster, and they are affixed to the moisture wall by a special type of adhesive, which is inexpensive. [7] There are some things that housewives can do to get rid of the leaking water and the resulting humidity. These methods include: [8] Ventilating the house well, especially in the morning and opening the windows on a daily basis to replenish the air inside the house. The use of double glass in the windows in order to maintain high temperatures inside the house and reduce the process of condensation of water on the walls. Installation of ventilation systems, especially in rooms with no windows. Open the bathroom window after bathing. Repair cracks on the wall to prevent water leakage.

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