Colorado units 12,13 and 24 questions


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Jan 10, 2021
New hunter here finalized that I’ll be hunting elk 2nd gun season of units 12,13 or 24. Trying to find out recommendations of were to find information of names of trail heads and access points for my first bag pack hunt to research and maps to order. Any thoughts on which unit would be better for a first timer and any other information and advice that would be helpful.

Appreciate the help

Thommy Rees


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Jul 9, 2018
It's a popular, heavily trafficked area with a number of trailheads. Any MVUM can help you find them, and there are parking lots by each one. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I personally think it almost doesn't matter which way you go in (except from the North where public access is very limited). They don't call it the Flat Tops for nothing. The terrain rises and falls less than other areas of the state so it's less of a bear to get around, and there are horse trails everywhere. It's pretty easy to get around, just be prepared to hike and work to get away from the crowd. I've been there before and picked my way through pretty remote, dense stuff only to stumble into other hunters or their camp sites in the middle of nowhere.

It's very popular with horse hunters in the areas where quads aren't allowed. Sombrero has a rental place in 12, so expect to see very heavy horse activity near there. If it's muddy those trails become pretty treacherous on foot.