Caption contest for prize!


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Jul 1, 2019
Finish the caption....

Uh oh I think I ________!

Best caption gets a pair of Leupold sunglasses and a free state onX membership!
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Aug 19, 2018
Hibbing, MN
Short story; wife drops off husband at a trail head so he can go shed hunting. Doctors said he shouldn't be driving after his stroke. When he fails to meet the predetermined rendezvous time, he texts her and says e will be out in a short while IF he finds the trail. THE "IF" IN THE TEXT PROMPTS HER TO CALL THECOUNTY RESCUE SQUAD. He is embarrassed to no end as he has been in that patch of woods at least 100 times before. He makes it to the highway 2 hours after sunset on his own. True story, i was there! To add to his woods Davy and shame the brought a k9 dog and put up a drone.