Canada Bou?


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Jan 8, 2014
Clermont County Ohio
Beginning to plan a 2017 (probably) hunt for Caribou. We'd like to go to Canada so we can drive it but open to other options. I'd prefer to bowhunt but id go rifle too I guess ;-)

Anyone been? Id really like to do a drop camp or DIY style hunt. Don't even know where to begin, and don't want to pay 8grand each!

Ideas fellas?


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Aug 9, 2011
Oakdale Ca.
This should get interesting! Because I'm interested also.I'm not driving though! I just drove to northern B.C., man that's a drive!


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Feb 21, 2011
There's northern Manitoba, but I think those are all high dollar guided hunts. Don't know much about British Columbia. That leaves southern Quebec, where some outfitters offer drive to or train-in unguided hunts. Those were pretty reasonable last time I was shopping around.


Mar 12, 2011
Out West
I am from Canada, we just filmed an episode for a Canadian hunting TV broadcast. I have been to Quebec twice. Our hunt this September had us fly to Montreal, Quebec then drive to Caniapiscau via The James Bay Road. Its 2000 km (1250 miles) each way and 437 miles of it gravel. But the drive can be done in two days each way and sure goes through some beautiful country.
Once arrived at the base camp, we spent the night and flew into a remote camp by Otter float plane.
Hunting was slow the first two days due to wet weather, but day 3 was amazing and we probably had 700 Caribou in sight that day! We were filming a hunt so were looking for some cranker bulls, which we did see but could not get on. We could have filled our two tags each
But chose not too, we filled 4 of our 6.
In case folks aren't aware, there used to be two herds, the Leaf river and the George river herd, one of which was decimated by disease about 8 years ago, and went from around 750,000 animals to around 30,000 now. This herd is no longer hunted as the area was closed. The other herd did suffer some loss as well, from around 800,000 to 360,000 animals and is now where all caribou hunting in Quebec occurs. The un-hunted herd used to be hunted from Shefferville base area. My numbers may be off slightly but are relatively close.
We hunted this time with one of the few remaining outfits, and luckily, one of the best for many years, Jack Hume outfitting. Richard and Amanda, son and daughter in law of Jack, are salt of the earth people and run a well oiled operation. Regarding cost, you would have to check their website. You can provide your own food, use the boats and cabins and they have a camp guy who you can have help guide or pack meat and tip accordingly or do it all yourself. Or you can of course go fully guided. We chose to use the two great camp guys sometimes, and other times we went it alone.
All I can say is its a great operation, and they speak English, like the rest of Canada!
Tell Richard or Amanda the team at Fatal Impact Outdoors sent you!
Good luck, its one of the most amazing things to hunt animals who have never seen a human being ever!
We mostly bow hunted.
Shoot Straight!


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Jun 7, 2015
Appleton, Wisconsin
I've taken all the sub-species of caribou in North America . There are no inexpensive hunts anymore ,Yukon is costly due to logistics , same with British Columbia . Arctic island caribou took three days to get to. Newfoundland was beautiful and very wet. Northwest Territories - long trip too. Quebec is drivable, but that road trip is brutal, I agree with the previous post, the Humes, Richard and Amanda ,run a top notch outfit, but costs are not inexpensive. Plenty of caribou left in Quebec. I loved every trip and every animal I hunted. My favorite would have to be mountain caribou, dark, heavy, and big bodied. If anyone wants more info just let me know.