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Dec 27, 2011
Goshen IN
Selling off some of my grandfathers reloading components to help them pay for assisted living. I have not looked into shipping cost yet, so for now we will consider components list price plus shipping, but I can work out final price with shipping with the buyer. If you need anymore details please text me at 574-202-0622 or email at ambushunter@yahoo.com

Thanks TJ

New 358 Norma, Norma brass 100ct $100 OBO SPF

New Weatherby 378 20ct $45 OBO

New Remington 45-70 100 ct. $40 OBO SPF

New 45 basic rcbs 19ct $55

I have a bunch of 30-06 and 300 H&H as well, have to separate it.

I would like to sell all per diameter, if possible before breaking up.

.17 diam $45 SPF
Hornady 25gn HP molly coated 200ct
Hornady 25 gn spire h.p. 300ct
Remington 25gn h.p. 200

.223 diam hornet $60 SPF
Seirra 45gn 100ct
Seirra 40gn 500ct.

.277 diam $200 OBO
seirra 150 spitzer 300ct
seirra 140 hpbt 200ct
seirra 130 spitzer 100ct
centrix 150 spitzer 100ct
rem 130 br. Pt 100ct
horandy 150 sp 100ct
jordan 130 sp 100ct
win 130 silvertip 100ct
win 150 p.p. 100ct
speer 170 round nose s.p. 100ct
horandy 150 round nose 25ct
herters 130 semi pointed 6ct
herters 150 gr banana peel 100ct

.358 diam. $150 OBO SPF
rem core lock 200 gr ptd soft point 400ct
hornady 250 sp interlock 100ct
hornady 250 gn round nose 50ct
speer 250 gr spittzer 50ct
200 spire point 100ct
200 round nose 100ct
200 semi pointed 100ct

.429 diam lead cast $30
215 swc 50ct
250 sw 200ct
250 sw 30ct

.440 dia $115 SPF
speer 240 jacketed soft point 200ct
speer 240 hp 100ct
hornady 240 fmj 150ct
hornady 240 hp 50ct
seirra 250 gr sp 200ct

.458 diam $150 OBO SPF
300 gr hollow point 250ct
405 gr sp 425ct
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