Bruiser Blacktail With A Handgun


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Jun 9, 2011
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I was afraid that this season was not going to happen. The fires had me on hold until four days before the opener. Heat and heavy smoke from the nearby forest fires finally subsided due to calmer winds and cooler temperatures. Almost a DeJa’Vu of last year’s hunt, but the deer did not seem to be as disoriented by the smoke. Saw fewer deer compared to previous years but found them gobbling acorns during preseason scouting. Opening morning was heavily overcast with the promise of rain. We found this one working acorns at mid-morning. The heavy long tined antlers and thick beams made him a handsome prize! Normally, I wait until later in the hunt to shoot, but the approaching rain and the possibility that Mr. Long Tines might retreat from the rain made my decision. I pulled the trigger on the .35 Whelen Improved just as the first raindrops fell. The 245 gr. Shock Hammer did its deadly job and the old deer died in its tracks.

Live weight 167 lbs. 8 points plus, eye guards. Official Score yet to be determined but estimated to be in the SCI Top Ten Columbia Blacktails taken with a handgun. Armament the same as last year. Blued Steel T/C Encore Frame tuned by SSK and fitted with a Pachmayer Grip and Bullberry modified rifle forearm. Bullberry 16 7/8" barrel in .35 Whelen Improved with SSK "Fish Gill" Recoil Arrestor topped with a Burris 3 x 9 scope clamped to a Bullberry 6-hole elevated base by four Warne steel Maxima rings.


2021 Blacktail-4@.JPG

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Jan 26, 2018
Congratulations on a nice 4pt.! Biggest I've seen!
I was stationed at Pt. Reyes Sta. Ca. and hunted up north.
We live in the west, we don't count like the "rest". ;) 💥