Bowtech Insanity CPX


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Feb 28, 2013
Central Kansas
Selling my used Bowtech Insanity CPX. 2012 model that has been used, but taken care of. Some cosmetic wear on the limbs and grip, but everything shoots great. Draw set to 28", but it is adjustable from 25.5"-30". Its a 70 pound bow with Vapor Trail strings on it. This will be the second year for the strings. I did shoot it a lot, so there is some wear on the strings, but they still have lots of life in them. The IBO is 355 on it with 80% let-off. 6" brace height and 32" ata. I had no intentions of switching bows, but I got a smoking deal on a new one that I just couldn't resist.

Selling for $400 conus. PayPal gift or my wife has a Square card reader and can send an invoice. Buyer pays shipping.