Best budget spotters by price


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Mar 9, 2011

I've been shopping for a spotter as you might have seen in some other threads. I've come up with a list of what seem like the best spotters for each price range. Some I have looked through, and others have been recommended by hunting and/or birding magazines, individuals whose opinions I trust (generally with some background in optics), concensus on other forums by those knowledgeable about optic quality, etc.

Anyone own one of these and can comment, or have any others to add? Feel free to add to the list, edit it, etc.

$100 - ?
$200 - Konus 80mm Konuspot.
$300 - ?
$400 - Alpen 786 or 788 (can actually be found for ~$330 on sale)
$500 - Celestron Regal 80mm
$600 - Celestron Regal 100mm
$700 - Nikon ED50; Bushnell Elite 80mm
$800 - Nikon Fieldscope 60mm
$900 - Nikon Fieldscope ED 60mm
$1000 - Nikon Fieldscope ED 82mm
$1100 - ?
$1200 - Zen Ray

I'm sure there's some that I've missed like the various Pentax, and although $1200 is a lot of money its still in the budget class compared to the alphas.