Back packing tent vs wall tent with log burning heater


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Feb 19, 2013
Castle Rock, Colorado
Hi all,

I wanted to do a back packing hunt this year with a 4 season, 2 person tent made by Go Lite. It only weighs 1 pound and 14 oz. I have never slept out in a tent like this in a possible 20-30 degree in the fall. Have any of you done a hunt using something like this before vs a classic wall tent that you would have in elk camp?

What are the pros and cons?

How was your overall experience?



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Jun 4, 2011
north idaho
check out kifaru. they have small backpacking tents with a collabsible wood stove. They fricken work..

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Jan 22, 2012
If you plan to backpack in with all your gear in one trip probably need to forget the wall tent, and stick with a good 4 season backpacking tent that can handle snow. I have been backpack hunting for about ten years now. Saved some weight a few years ago when I started using the Hilleberg Soulo, a one person 4 season tent. Keeping weight down is important but not at the expense of reliability. The two person tent is nice for sitting out a storm, but that hasn't happened much or for very long. You may be surprised how much warmer the backpacking tent is, compared to OAT, with just your body heat. Especially true with the one person tent. Mine is usually about 15 degrees warmer inside. 20 to 30 degrees should be no problem for you. -5 degrees wouldn't have been a problem for me except that my boots, damp from hunting in snow all day and left in the vestibule, froze stiff. You want a ground pad and good bag. I use a Thermorest pad and Western Mountaineering down bag. The pad isn't enough on snow but scrap that off and it's fine. I think winter backpackers use two pads when on snow. If you find your bag is a little light for the conditions, a water bottle full of hot water works great. It can also be used to thaw boots and dry socks. With the one man tent I keep my gear/pack outside in a large 6mil trash bag unless it is something that will freeze. In freezing conditions I sleep with the water filter and the Jetboil fuel bottle. Also, the base layer I intend to wear in the morning is easier to put on if it spends the night in the bottom of my bag.

You can set a backpacking tent up almost anywhere, like in the middle of where you intend to hunt. I never build a fire when hunting, and it is not unusual to have bulls bugling in my ear all night. They do get close. A few years ago I had a herd of 13 bed down next to my tent. Didn't know it till the next morning, which was opening day. Wall tents with cots and cast iron stoves are nice but I think backpack hunting is the only way to go.

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