Anyone bake pies?


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Jul 8, 2015
Looks great to me!

I make a blackberry cobbler about once every 2 weeks. We have a lot of blackberries and we picked about 10 gallons last year on our place. Vaccuum sealed and Froze 99% of them. Which reminds me, I need to make a cobbler. I get a 2 out of 10 for presentation...but nobody seems to mind.

We peeled peaches for about a month straight from our peach trees out front. We gave away so many peaches to the neighbors last year that they finally started turning me away. The deer ate the rest.

PS: Deer LOVE peaches...

Squirrel pot pie is on the list for this weekend. I got the air rifle pumped up and 2 magazines of pellets ready. It's time to thin the population and have some pie. The wife got the crockpot out last night.

If we were successful potato planters (somehow failed miserably at that last year...), we might never leave the house other than to get gas and diesel.
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Jan 21, 2014
I just made a pumpkin pie last weekend, because I missed Thanksgiving while out of town on a deer hunt. :)
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Rich M

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Oct 16, 2012
I like to make apple pies. Will sometimes cook the bottom crust a little before putting in the filling.

Yell - they look great!


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Jun 20, 2011
My daughter always brushes the pie crust on top with an egg white wash so that it browns. do you do that?
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Rich M

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Oct 16, 2012
Pies often come from the mix. My fav is apple thats my mix. Grannys and macs + too much cinamon. Add some butter and sugar for a great mix.

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Dec 10, 2015
Yell County Arkansas
My dad had a large family 9 brothers and sisters. We would gather a few times a year where all were present. It was always a very large crowd. My mom would bake a few pies. Her coconut pie was the star of the show. I would notice people cutting and collecting a piece of it before they got their meal. It was always the first to go and they would fight over it. I have to say I do not care for coconut though.
A good apple pie is hard to beat and I also like a lot of cinnamon in mine.


Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
Our family's big pie day is Thanksgiving. At that time there may be no less than 10 different pies sitting on the counter waiting for the after dinner desert.

Then there is a tradition that my sisters family started. They have a dozen different holidays that they celebrate throughout the year. You have cherry, lemon, chocolate, coconut, and a half dozen other flavor days. The job of each family is to bring a different desert with the flavor of the day. A person can gain 20 lbs just waiting for one of these days to show up.


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Feb 3, 2014
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