Any Bear Sightings?

Right on thats great to hear. Tried to get into the Crazies this weekend for a backpacking/scouting trip but all the roads are closed/un plowed and we had a big storm roll in on us. Lots of snow in the crazies but the west side of the bridgers are starting to open up and some spots in the gallatin canyon are opening up. Hopefully it warms up soon!


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Feb 24, 2011
Great Falls, MT
Saw a Humpy on the Rocky Mt Front last weekend. Still too much snow to think about chasing Blacks in the Snowies. They're going to get another 12" + this weekend. Good lord!


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Feb 21, 2011
Deer Lodge. The bear we saw was near our camp. We base in Section 291 above Phosphate. In the past few years, I have seen numerous black bears in Section 215 E of Deer Lodge as well. Only part about that section, is watch for wolves and Grizzlies. There are plenty of both.


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Mar 10, 2011
Was out and about today, lots of snow still to say the least. Only a few crows stirring about in where I went. The winter elk havent even moved back into the area.
Might go back out Friday to take a peek in a few spots and see whats going on, but with all the snow up here, makes it hard to get in anywhere and look without a snowmachine or hours in on snow shoes.
Yeah we did a drive last night along the bridgers and saw some deer and gophers that's about it. The west side of the bridgers are opening up but still lots of snow in the bowls and basins. This weekend will be taking the gun for a walk I know that but if I learn some new country all is well.


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Feb 21, 2011
You are talking about my favorite bear hunting areas. Do the bears still come down and eat the apples in Phosphate? Haven't been back there hunting for 15-20 years though. We never had the wolves and Griz were pretty scarce.
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The pack weight was actually pretty good. I could have got another 2-3 days out of my Eberlestock Dragonfly. With everything including my rifle, pack weight was 32 pounds. It's nice when I work for a company that sells lightweight gear. Heres a couple of photos from this weekend. No bears spotted but saw some cool new country and some mule deer. Roommate same a griz sow and cub so there out, be careful.



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Feb 23, 2011
Big Sky Country, MT
Looks as if you beat the snow storm. I went out Sunday for the day South of Bozeman. Walked two open ridges, with only deer and elk sign.

This snow needs to stop. It's getting old really fast.
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