African Hunting Antelope in WY unit 113


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Jul 15, 2021
I'm a South African living in North Carolina and I've drawn a tag to hunt Antelope in unit 113 in Wyoming mid-October with rifle on public.
Planning on hiking in for 5-7 days with 3 other hunters.
Access looks challenging but we are prepared to hike in as far as needed and camp. Water is a concern, we really don't want to have to carry all our water in.
Anyone hunted unit 113 before? I'd appreciate any advice for hunting this unit, access, water, private land owners etc.


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Feb 25, 2014
Eastern Nebraska
I can appreciate your ambition but there is no need to hike in for days at a time. That area has plenty of public land and access. I would suggest you get the OnX app for your phone or a GPS unit to make sure you stay on public land. Use your vehicle to check from area to area and short hikes to access areas you can't see from roads. Have coolers of ice in your vehicles so you can cool the meat down immediately after harvest. This is very important so you end up with good tasting meat and avoid spoilage. I would also recommend you scout other activities for after the hunt as it likely won't take you more than a couple days to fill your tags. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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Dec 10, 2015
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I know this area pretty well. There is a ton of public land to hunt, but it will take some good boot effort to reach it. Make sure you have good mapping like OnX as there is a land owner that thinks he owns BLM and will tell you to get off his land. So be ready to know and show them you are on BLM. Also this area was way down on numbers last year. I hunted unit 21 which borders 113 on the West last year. I hope some antelope move back into the area. There is more water than it appears in the area. I would stick to the plan you have been working on and you could be successful. Don't count on being able to spot one from the road and a short stalk to tag it. I feel the key will be getting way back in and figure out where the few antelope are and make a plan.
There is a guy on here that hunted the unit 2 seasons ago and he should be able to confirm the land owner problem if you hunt the West side of the unit. I told him the same thing and he let me know after the hunt he ran into the problem with the land owner.


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Apr 23, 2016
it's antelope . drive til you see one , roll down the winder and let er fly. 🤪

fyi , that was a joke . I do NOT condone doing this . my point is , it really is that easy . spot em from the truck and then make your stalk. no need to do much hiking with antelope.
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May 2, 2016
SE Wyoming
If that landowner is till harassing hunters call the sheriff or GW when it happens. They will be very happy to point out who is on the wrong.
No excuse for that these days with technology showing us right where you are standing.