A very cool story with pics


Feb 21, 2011
We had a booth at the Medford Sportman's Expo in Southern Oregon this weekend. There was another booth that was doing official scorings on Trophy racks for people if they would bring them in.

One Gentleman brought in a rather unusual trophy, it seems that 45 years ago when he was a small boy, his Father had taken a big blacktail, and hung the antlers up in a small oak tree on his property. His Father passed away last year.

You can see the end result after 45 years. The antlers were scored as completely as possible, and he was informed that they would have almost certainly met the low end requirement for a B&C Record book buck.

The Man was kind enough to let us take a couple of photos, and asked if I would link the photos up to the Rogue Basin Watersheds website http://www.roguebasinwatersheds.org

I hope his Father was smiling down on his Son that Day!

Best Wishes, Jeff



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Feb 21, 2011
Joseph Or
How cool is that!
While hunting in the Tillamook burn several years ago, I happen to spy a railroad track 20' in the air, grown through the trunk of a tree like that. There were all kinds of old logging camps in the area so it probably had something to do with those, always wish I could have known the story behind that.


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Feb 26, 2011
Kamas, Utah
That's cool, I have seen some other pictures of an old Ram with his curls grown into a tree. Thanks for sharing the story