90 type 1 wyoming

J boe

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Mar 10, 2011
Looking for any info on unit 90 type 1. it looks good on paper, but just looking for some info from someone who has been there. I have two pps and am willing to put in for the special draw. this will hopefully be my first trip to wyoming.


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Feb 22, 2011
Jackson, CA
I have not hunted 90-1 but I hunted 90-2 right next door in 2009 with my dad. We cut the trip short (3 days) because I had a new baby at home but we both killed nice goats. Nothing that went book but they were still nice. We did see three goats that I am pretty sure would have gone B&C but weren't able to get on them. I would recomend getting in contact with the biologist for the area and start asking questions. The biologist in our area was ALOT of help and I can't wait to get back to that area with more time to hunt. Good Luck!!!


Feb 21, 2011
Cache Valley, Utah
Had the 90-2 tag last year. Hunted sage hens in 90-1 while we were there. Lots of antelope. Couple of ranches were begging for people to come shoot the antelope off of their place. They had water and plenty of antelope but it seemed the bigger bucks were a little shy to hang out that close to the building and people.


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Mar 10, 2011
A group of us hunted unit 90 in 2009. Lots of public land, no problem finding a place to hunt. We hunted near the south end of the unit. Lots of antelope, most bucks the standard 14" to 15" stuff, low 70's type of bucks. One in our party did get a buck that was right at 80". We spent 9 days hunting goats, sage hens and fishing, had a great time! Lots of country, we went later in the season so there were not a lot of other hunters out there. We had heard that it is a pretty busy area on opening weekend. Not a bad unit to spend your 2 preference points on! We would/will do it again.