Hey guys, my partner and I drew NM unit 45 bull elk tags for the second rifle hunt (October 22- 26). Been in contact with a couple of guys and been doing a lot of scouting on google earth, trying to plan a scouting trip sometime in Sept or early October. One thing that my hunting partner and I have been discussing is trying to find someone in the area that we could contact that has horses or mules that we could call on if we needed assistance packing out elk if we got something down way back in. We have pulled out a few elk in our days, but not quite sure what I can handle today. Any help regarding a pack team for stand-by or any other info regarding the unit would be greatly appreciated.

I am really excited about this trip for so many reasons, this is a very special year for me. I have talked about it here before a little, last year at this time I was fighting stage 4 tongue and neck cancer. I am a lucky man to be alive, I am doing all I can right now to get back in somewhat shape, but I will never be in the shape I once was. I am grateful to be alive and in the shape I am in, like I already said, I am a lucky man. Actually God had much more to do with it than luck.